Select Your Bullet

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Volumes of books have been written about ammunition, but many shooters and hunters still have questions. The only thing directly linking you and your firearm to any target is the bullet. Choose wisely and you’ll be well on the way to success. Make a poor selection, and you’ll nearly always get poor results.

Now there’s an online aid to making great bullet selection. This site gives details on bullet construction, design and the intended purpose. Better news is that you can buy components there for reloading, or ready-to-shoot cartridges. You’ll also find discounts or specials to help make your shooting dollars stretch further at

If you’ve not found enough reason to visit this site, the comprehensive load data on hundreds of calibers should be reason enough to visit. The details are pulled straight from the pages of the company’s popular reloading manuals. It’s must reading for any shooter. You’ll learn more than you could ever imagine just by studying the case, powders and bullets that make up your favorite cartridges.