Hunter Input Sought

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While deer hunting opportunities are beginning to dwindle across many parts of the country as hunting seasons draw to an end, now is the best time to think ahead toward next fall’s hunting seasons—or the spring turkey hunting season. In fact, many state game departments want to hear from you and will be holding meetings in the weeks and months ahead as those departments make plans for future hunting seasons.

In Georgia the Department of Natural Resources will be holding public input meetings across the state to gather input from hunters.

“Public input is important and valuable,” said John Bowers, assistant chief of the Game Management Section. “We’re seeking input that simplifies regulations, encourages hunting participation, maximizes opportunity, and is biologically appropriate.”

There about a dozen hearings that will be held on numerous nights across the state. Many other states will also be following this example and hosting public hearings. The topics discussed at those hearings often range from deer seasons to small game to information on wildlife diseases and game management plans.

You owe it yourself to stay informed on what lies ahead—and to develop working relationships with those game management and enforcement personnel that your hunting, trapping and fishing license dollars support.

If you can’t make the hearings, Plan B is to provide written input. Most states have addresses—and websites—where they welcome and receive input. Now is the best time to speak up.  They are waiting to hear from you.  To find your state wildlife department website, go to and click on the map of the United States, then on your state.