HSUS Runs From Interview—and Hunting

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During a mid-December radio show in Texas, Humane Society of the United States President Wayne Pacelle dodged commenting on hunting and other pressing HSUS controversies by simply hanging up. It was on the Texas-based Alan Warren Outdoors radio show that HSUS’s Pacelle was explaining HSUS’s position on hunting and fishing.

As the show continued, host Warren, a pro-hunting advocate, continued the debate and questioned the HSUS’s suspect animal rights agenda and deceptive fund-raising practices. According to a transcript from the radio show, Pacelle became frustrated, started dodging the questions, and hung up the phone.  To hear a portion of the interview, go to http://humanewatch.org/index.php/site/blog/ and scroll down the page to the dog photo.

Ironically, on the HSUS blog where Pacelle often rants about his speaking engagements and winning debates, there was no mention of the interview.