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Posted on January 2, 2013

Successfully fighting the anti-hunting and animal rights extremists who want to eliminate your hunting rights often involves staying informed and being informed at the right time. In addition to the Sportsmen’s Daily website, and this Sportsmen’s Weekly e-newsletter from the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance, we also regularly communicate on Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to sign up—and ask your friends—to become fans and follow us through those outlets as we report instantly on issues in the fishing, hunting, trapping and conservation communities.

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To Know Him is to Love Him

By: Charisa Argys via Wide Open Spaces Muscular dystrophy hasn’t taken away Tyson Freeman’s passion for the outdoors. Tyson has a heart of gold and has never met a stranger he couldn’t …

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Anti-Hunting Senator Takes Another Run at Nebraska Mountain Lion Ban

Despite having already suffered multiple defeats in his quest to ban mountain lion hunting in Nebraska, Senator Ernie Chambers has again surfaced with another attempt to ban the season.  With …

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Maryland Sunday Hunting Bills Heading for Governor’s Desk

A pair of bills in Maryland to open up additional Sunday hunting opportunities passed the Senate on Friday, April 4th. The bills will now head to the desk of Maryland …

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Wolf Management Under Attack in Minnesota

In their ever-expanding quest to stop state management of a rapidly proliferating wolf population, anti-hunting forces have returned to the Minnesota statehouse with a series of bills designed to stop …

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